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Choosing the right photographers for your wedding

Weddings are filled with ritual, tradition, colour, music, dance and emotion. For the bride and groom, the wedding occasion itself can whizz past in a blur.  Once the events are over all you will have left are memories captured on photographs and film – so make sure they are great ones.

A good wedding photograph is not just about a posed, pretty looking image. It needs to capture the love, joy and excitement of some of the happiest days of the bride and grooms lives.

It is really important to choose the right Wedding Photographers to capture the right moments in the best way for you.  Unfortunately, there are many Wedding Photographers choose from and not all Wedding Photographers are as skilled and as experienced as you might expect.

With more people having increasingly extravagant weddings and some photographers charging extravagant prices it can be difficult to know who is good and who is not.

Many Wedding Photographers just capture the basic traditional shots such as the family portrait, the bride in her wedding dress, the bridal party, rings, first kiss, first dance, throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake etc.

Illusion Photography are different and understand that there is so much more to taking timeless photographs of your big occasion than this.

Illusion-Photography are highly skilled and experienced in working with you as a team, listening and understanding your requirements, planning, organising, managing large crowds etc.

When taking wedding photographs, Illusion Photography are creative and use the surroundings to make images unique. No bride wants to look at professional wedding images and realise they are the same as those captured by family and friends.

Illusion Photography knows that every bride, groom and wedding is different. They ensure that your Wedding Photographs represent this and capture the personalities of the bride, groom, family and friends. In particular, Illusion Photography look to capture moments that show what makes your love special.

Posed photographs can often appear awkward and un-natural.  Illusion Photography specialise in taking unique, imaginatively posed images by using the natural features of the venue surroundings and objects with a variety of viewpoints and angles, such as through archways, through mirror reflections, through the wedding rings etc.

Illusion Photography also capture the moments before the wedding itself as these are often missed.  Going to the homes of the bride and groom, Illusion Photography can take stunning and artistic images such as getting ready at home, vows and speeches written somewhere, make up, shoes and the dress hanging up.  By taking unique photos of things of interest that give the couple insights into what went on beforehand.

Illusion Photography are increasingly asked to include artistic Boudoir shots, which are the latest trend in wedding photography.  These are saucy, sensual photos of the bride and groom to capture the more loving side of being married. If done incorrectly, these images can look cheap and vulgar.  Illusion Photography have the artistic know-how to ensure they look sensual and beautiful with the perfect blend of soft focus, lighting, colour and monochrome.

There are many wedding photographers out there – our team make sure itsunique and capture the essence of the couples personalities and what makes their special day different. That is why choosing Illusion-Photography to capture your Wedding Photographs makes so much sense.

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